A Quiet Place Movie Review

This movie review will be based on the movie, A Quiet Place. This movie was released in April but is still on my mind. So, I decided to break down the plot and the interesting details. The main characters John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are married in real life. The family is set in a world that there must be silence. The current world is ruled by blind monsters with enhanced hearing.

So any movement or dropping of a glass could cause the monsters to come and get you. Sounds suspenseful right? Yes, it is. Because the entire movie is silent and you must be too, to watch. Take a break from watching YouTube videos and Taylor Swift’s new hair, and watch this amazing movie.

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John Krasinski And Emily Blunt

The Sound Of Fear

Most horror or suspense movies focus on sound as a main source of fear. When the character or movie watching is waiting in anticipation, the mind imagines things as worse as they can be. The actual source of the fear might not be scary, but the fear of the unknown is what stirs this feeling in all of us. In the movie, the family must live day to day without making a noise. As you can imagine this is not a fun existence. They are always living in fear unable to make a sound. There’s no way they could use a cell phone spy here.

No Jump Scares

This movie is so well-written and acted that it does not require jump scares. I feel that movies only use jump scares when there is poor writing and they are running out of ideas. While jump scares usually work it is not going to amaze the audience. No one would say a movie is brilliant that primarily derives fear from jump scares. That is an easy and cheap tactic to generate what I call false fear. The real fear is when you are imagining the monster or creature in your mind.

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There’s A Corn Field Scene In The Movie

The Monsters

The audience never gets a good look at the monsters, but that makes the experience scarier. While you do get a brief look at it, all you can gather is that it is very tall and animal-like. The people live in small homes outside of the forest. And the creatures lurk in the forest waiting for someone to make noise. Sounds like an interesting movie right? Well, I give it four stars and hope this movie review will make you see it.┬áIf you don’t believe me check out other movie critics opinions on it.